Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Wish My BF Would Have Challenged Me To Make 300 Sandwiches So I Could Have An Interesting Blog

I will admit, my SO and I play into gender roles and I'm OK with it. I do most of the grocery shopping, cooking and laundry and he does a lot of the icky stuff like throwing out the trash, fixing things and checking the mouse traps because I am SOOOO scared of mice even though I should be used to them being from New York and all.

Anyway, I cook because I like to; I enjoy putting together healthy meals for my family and when they're cheap and can be used for leftovers it makes the whole experience even better. It's like a challenge to make good, quality food at a great price and I feel like such an old boring person for even saying that, because it shows how exciting my life is right now.

Stephanie's Smith's revelation in the NY Post that she is the cook behind, a blog that documents a woman's quest to make 300 sandwiches for her boyfriend in exchange for an engagement ring has stirred up some emotions on both ends; men applauding her for going in the kitchen and doing something for her man and women stating she is setting herself back into the 50's thinking she has to cook in order to get a husband.

According to her blog she's a foodie and a writer and her boyfriend is a great cook, so this type of challenge seems to be a fun way to get her to share his passion for cooking and could really bring them closer together. I really hope he a) keeps his promise after the 300th sandwich and b) she actually enjoys doing what she does.

I can't see myself going through a challenge whether it be a weight loss challenge, cooking challenge, sex challenge (even though that does sound interesting) in hopes of a ring but hey, who am I to judge? I am sure they are happy, in love and have a healthy relationship and if she's OK with doing this to please her man then I'm OK with it as well.