Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On Using The N Word At Work.

When you tell someone they can't or shouldn't do something, they naturally only want to do it more. Don't touch the iron its hot, don't date bad boys they'll only break your heart, don't say the N word its racist.

Today, I am not going to talk about hot appliances or bad boys, but what I do want to talk about is the use of the N word at work. 

My office is diverse because of me. Before me there was a similarly pigmented version of me and after I leave I'm sure it'll be the same story all in the name of Diversity. The thing with working at a company that's 98% white is some people think its OK to make racist or offensive comments because since I'm working there, I'm trying to fit in. I'm one of THEM. Part of the team, the family, and I want to keep MY JOB.

White people have discovered cheeky little ways of saying the N word without it really being offensive because you see, they were singing rap lyrics like "Niggas in Paris" or quoting that scene from The 40 Year Old Virgin where "Kevin Hart and the other black guy kept saying nigga over and over."

You know, this scene:

Now don't get me wrong, that scene was pretty funny but since you don't hear me say the N word, don't think its OK to say it in front of me then start the "why do Black people get to say the N word and I can't? That's racist" talk. That leaves me to question: why do you want to use the word in the first place?

I'm sure those that have done this know the word is controversial, offensive and racist so why push the limit? Are you testing me to see if I'll stand up for myself? Get all excited and act a fool? Do you think if I smile and laugh along that gives you a free pass to say the N word anywhere anytime because I represent how all Black people think and feel about the word? It's just not cool and can get you into some shit you really don't want to be in at work. Point being, white people, please don't use the N word at work and if you do, say it at a place with REAL diversity.