Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Biggest Gun Bust In NYC Is Not Evidence Stop and Frisk Works

Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly are trying to use the recent bust of 254 firearms in Brooklyn as a way to prove stop and frisk policies actually work. The only problem I have with that argument is, those guns were not discovered by a stop and frisk. It was done so by real police work that sought to take down those that are responsible for infiltrating already crime ridden neighborhoods with more weapons.

The people that smuggle guns from the South into NYC are the enemies. The people that engage in illegal gun sales are the enemies and those are the individuals that need to have the book thrown at them.

Surely, we should deter and punish those that sell drugs and commit crimes in our communities. As I have stated before, there are many good, hard working individuals in high crime areas that want to live in a safe environment, but should not have their rights violated in order to do so. The people that already have to fear gangs, drugs, shootouts and the influence the individuals may potentially have on an impressionable youth should not have to fear the police as well.

Stopping and violating the rights of young black and Latino men, in predominately black and Latino areas because they might have a gun is not what is going to get the large amounts of guns off the streets. I hope Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly will stop using this historic seizure as a way to continue to promote their unconstitutional policy.