Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Social media

As cute as my kid is, I've come to the realization that maybe, just maybe, people don't want to see a new pic of him every other day especially if we're doing regular day to day stuff like going to the park or riding the train. 

One day as I was scrolling down my feed on Instagram and FB out of pure boredom I said to myself, wow I'm kind of boring, all I do is hang out with my kid. Then I realized No! I'm not boring, my life just appears that way on social media, so I figured it was time to chill with posting all of the cute kid pics.

It was tough at first, because as a millennial I just can't help but put everything I do on the internet for everyone to see. There are just times when we're having a blast or he looks exceptionally cute and I'm all like I GOTTA take a picture. There's nothing wrong with capturing those memories, our memories but whats special and memorable to my family may not be special enough for casual acquaintances to want to look at online.

The novelty of social media and seeing what everyone was doing wore off years ago, especially for those of us that were part of Myspace when it was popular and were actually in high school or college when Facebook came out. We were able to see what school people went to, who got fat, who partied, who went to jail (yes, people on my friends list do go to jail). 

Now that we see what everyone is up to and pretty much how they are living their lives, do we really need constant updates? Like yea, I get it, you smoke weed, you party every weekend, you wear a lot of makeup but do we really need all of the updates if you're just doing regular shit everyday?

I mentioned in a previous post I deleted my Facebook. I felt as if I was being sucked into comparisons and it was too time consuming to look at what other people were doing. I also got tired of reading the dumb quotes and looking at boring pictures so I figured I'd stick with Instagram hoping those pics would be more interesting to look at but nope, I got tired there as well.

I like to follow people that do interesting things like yoga, lift weights, cook and bake. I love seeing pictures of people that travel or have really cool, interesting jobs. I've found that I prefer to use social media to connect with people with similar interests and see what they are doing and how they're doing it. I've learned some really cool workout routines and made some kick ass recipes that way. I love to see people working toward a goal and actually reaching it. I love when I see people do great work for a cause. 

This is how I plan on using social media from now on. Connecting with those who I actually care about what they're doing and using a blog to find and connect with people that I can relate to. I do of course want to see the new babies and the bathroom selfies, but in moderation.